Delivery Information

Sales department cooperating with delivery department team to make sure everything should be done smoothly before delivering the vehicle to the customer. Such as monitoring the vehicles whether it was proper done and ready to deliver on time expected.

Delivery department processing:

  • After receiving the vehicle from the main dealer we directly send it to our Pre Delivery Inspection PDI
  • Inspect the electrical and the engine conditions
  • Inspect the external and interior condition
  • To ensure the requested requires by the valued costumer
  • Install the window tinting.
  • Application on the under rust proofing.
  • Application on NANO ceramic on the entire body.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle before to turn over to the customer.
  • Fixing plate number.

Terms of delivery:

  • Delivery time customer must to check the vehicle before taking.
  • In case a problem take place the customer should advice the delivery in charge on that particular time.
  • After receiving the vehicle any complains, the company is not under liability.
  • If any damages for the vehicle which covered by the warranty will be availed in the main dealer according for the agreement between the sub-dealer and the main dealer.
  • Services of vehicle will be under the main dealership.
  • Delivery department will instruct the valued customer for all the information concerning the features, warranties, and all services required.
  • After the necessary information was explained to the customer and agreed upon the terms of delivery the proper document must be signed by the customer to authenticate the ownership.
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